Nikki Piazza

Nikki has wanted to be many things in life; a vet, a blacksmith, a singer, a firefighter, a professional gamer, a freelance artist and a butterfly. ‘Teacher’ didn’t make it onto the original list, but here she is! She has a degree in Games Design, and while it hasn’t helped her become the professional gamer of her dreams it’s not something she’s ever regretted doing. She got her first genuine salaried job (how to tell you’ve become an Adult™) as a direct result of her course, and it’s all accumulated from there. She has learned so much more as a result than university could ever have taught her, and it’s been a great rollercoaster ride!

Now she has got over 5 years experience in the industry, even more as a gamer, and is very much looking forward to passing on everything she’s learned since university. She is sure we all remember those teachers from school, and promises to strive to be as unlike them as possible in every conceivable way.

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